Using APAServer

Using Alagus Print Admin Server
Run as service
Database Maintenance

Using Alagus Print Admin Server

   The server part - APAServer represents the core of Alagus Print Admin. Its main purposes are: communication with the network printers, control of the printer queues, processing and storage in database of the received information and serving the console requests.
When APAServer is started the    icon appears on the taskbar on the right.
The available actions using this icon are as follows:

  • Run APAConsole – Starts APAConsole on the APAServer computer
  • Disconnect All – Disconnects all started APAConsole(s) and terminates all sessions to the APAServer.
  • Shut Down APAServer – Stops the APAServer

Run as service

   APAServer may run as an application or as a service. By default it runs as an application.
If you want it to run as service, you must use the APAS Configurator.

   The APAS Configurator is a tool for easier setting of the APAServer startup account. It has 4 different modes depending on the accesses to the printers and print spooler folders:

1. If you choose to run it as Application, the APAServer is started automatically when computer is started. The permissions inherit the rights of the account that had been logged in. When the account is logged off, APAServer stops.

2. If you choose to run it as SYSTEM service account, the APAServer will be started automatically but it will be able to manipulate only local installed printers. This mode is advisable if you only one print server and APAServer is installed on it.

3. If you choose to run it as APAServer account, the APAServer will be started automatically with the account that will be created in Active Directory. It will have the permissions of Domain Admins and Print Operators groups. This mode is used when more then one print server is used.

 4. If you choose it to run as Existing account, the server will be started automatically, and it will have rights accordingly a specified account. It is advisable the account to be a member of the Domain Admins and Print Operators group.

   When running APAServer as a service the  icon does not appear on the taskbar on the right.

Database Maintenance

   APAServer uses Microsoft Access database. The file where database is stored is db.mdb and it can be found in the install directory of Alagus Print Admin 4.0. In ODBC->System DSN-> AlagusPrintAdmin4.0 has registered a record for accessing the database.
   An option “Automatic compact and repair database” is provided (see Options section). When it is turned on (by default) the database does not need manual maintenance. If you wish to Compact and Repair manually, you may do so from main menu: Tools->Repair and Compact the Database. The other way to do this is to use the ODBC’s system options Compact and Repair for the above mentioned Alagus Print Admin 4.0 ODBC record.
It is recommended to make backup of the db.mdb file regularly. This way if you reinstall APAServer you can replace the new empty db.mdb with the last one that you did backup.
To speed up working with stored information in the database it is recommended to delete regularly all old and unneeded records. You may do so from the main menu: Tools-> Clear Documents Older Then… and choose the desired period.
   It’s advisable to clean the contents of the APAS.log file periodically.