There are many ways to manage the print process by using Alagus Print Admin 4.0. This is only a short description of them.

• Printer management. Management of the printer’s queues. Manipulates print devices and printer environments.

• Document management (Pause, Resume, Cancel, Restart, Copy/Paste, Save/Load, Preview)

• Print quotas – Sets print quotas for one user or a group of users

• Print rules – Sets rules for printing. An example of this is printing prohibition depending on some criteria (file size, number of pages, keyword from the document title or specific file extension)

• Print priority – Sets priority of the print documents depending on the owner

• Print activity – Shows the print activity for a certain period (day, month, year) in a chart. Print activity may be shown for one user, a group of users, one printer or a group of printers or all of them.

• Track and store into the database the information for every printed document (username, printer, document title, data, time, pages, size, cost etc.)

• Statistics and reports – Makes cross reports about the number of pages printed per user/user group/all as well as about printer/printer group/all.

• Searching – searches for a keyword from the title of a printed document. The search may be done per user/user group/all as well as per printer/printer group/all.

• History – Shows Event history for everything concerning the printers, Print quotas, Print rules etc.