Server installation

1. Login with administrative rights;
2. Run apacs4.exe;
3. Follow the installation instructions that appear on the screen;
4. After copying the program files, the program group is created and the installation is complete.

      Because of security reasons Microsoft Windows has restricted the usage of DCOM technology, which is the core of the communication between client and server in Alagus Print Admin. This creates some inconveniences for the users of Alagus Print Admin who use firewall (DCOM uses RPC requests which are sent through dynamic TCP ports). As an addition in Windows Server 2003 users rights for using DCOM must be added to the DCOM user group.
   To save the user’s efforts to configure Alagus Print Admin Server, we added Server Socket technology to the process. It means we made an option for creating a bridge between the client and the server using single TCP port: 211. Thus the described above problems are hugely reduced.
   For compatibility we left the option for allowing DCOM communication possible. In order to do that you need to start Alagus Print Admin Console with parameter /DCOM (APAConsole.exe /dcom).

Console installation

   To install APAConsole you just run the apac4setup.exe file, which automatically does all installations and creates Icon group and shortcuts.
You can run APAConsole without installing. In this case there are two ways:
1. Copy APAC.EXE, MIDAS.DLL, APAC.SUI, APAC.CHM and QTINTF70.DLL to target computer and start APAC.EXE from this computer;
2. Start APAC.EXE from the computer where the console and server parts are installed, via local network (using shared directory).